The only gifting app for subscriptions

Find out why Givy is the solution for subscription gifting, and how it compares to some traditional ways of letting customers gift a subscription

Traditional Gifting


Quick Overview

Only possible with apps that offer prepaid subscriptions.

Customer selects a prepaid option, adds it to their cart, goes to checkout, and adds the recipient’s shipping address.

Works with any type of subscription / membership. Customer chooses number of recurrences to pay for, optionally enters recipient’s email, and goes to checkout.

Can purchase gift without any recipient information?


Customer must know recipient’s full shipping address, and sometimes must know email


Gift can be purchased without knowing shipping address or email address

Can purchase other products or gifts in the same checkout?


Each gift requires its own checkout and cannot be combined with non-gifted products


Gifted subscriptions can be combined with non-gifted products and sent to customer’s address

Can send multiple gifts to multiple addresses in a single checkout?


Each gift requires its own checkout


Multiple gifted subscriptions can be sent to multiple recipients in a single checkout

Can subscription recipient manage their gifted subscription?


Recipients have no control over their gifted subscription


Recipients have full control over their gifted subscription, can skip, pause, add products, etc…

Is the risk of chargebacks low?


The billing and shipping addresses do not match, increasing the chances of successful chargebacks


The billing and shipping addresses are never different, greatly reducing the chance of a chargeback

Does the gift recipient become a new customer?


The gifter and recipient share a single account with mismatched information


Both the gifter and recipient become customers on the store, with correct address and contact information

Can send subscription gift with personal message, video, and animated GIF?


Standard checkout flow, recipient only receives subscription product as though they purchased it themselves


Gifter can add a personal message, record a video, add a GIF, and send the gift via email, by printing a redemption link, or by sharing a unique URL with the recipient

See it to believe it

Watch the entire gifting flow from purchase to redemption. In this example, we will purchase two subscriptions as gifts for two different recipients, and also purchase something for ourselves.

Current app compatibilities

Givy’s subscription gifting will work with any subscription or membership app on Shopify. We’re working closely with each app to test our gifting functionality, and will create a demo store for each one so that you can take a look for yourself.