Privacy Policy

Welcome to, the Shopify app specializing in product gifting and gift cards (the “Service”). The service is owned and operated by Givy Inc. in Manitoba, Canada (the “Company”).

The Service is offered to merchants who use the Shopify ecommerce platform. Merchants use the Service by installing our application (the “App”) from the Shopify App Store, located at

Your privacy is important to us. This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) explains which data we collect, how we use and handle this data, and methods for contacting us should you have any questions.


When you install the App, the Company collects information about your store, the store owner, and information relating to gifts and gift cards processed through the App. We also may collect information on your computer or mobile device, and may record sessions of merchants using the App.

Information collected from Shopify

When the App is installed, we collect information which has been made available to Shopify. This includes the merchant name, address, contact name, email address, phone number, website domain, Shopify plan name, and timezone.

Information collected from customers

When one or many gift cards are created from the App’s interface, we collect name and email information for the gifter and recipient. We track when recipients click links to redeem their gifts, and track current balances for their gift cards.

When a customer purchases a gift card or gift from the merchant’s storefront, we collect information relating to the order processed on Shopify, as well as the customer and recipient’s contact information. This may include a name, email address, phone number, and address.

Additional information collected

The Company may at times use tools which allow it to view recorded sessions of the merchant using the App. The App also uses common analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, and Amplitude. Some merchants may complete surveys to request additional services, and this information is collected and stored using Typeform.


Data is collected and stored for the following reasons:

Basic operation of the App

In order to offer the App to merchants, we must collect this information. This is used to identify merchants when they use the App, to send email communications to buyers and recipients, and to notify merchants of transactional events.

Technical support

In order to offer support to merchants, we must be able to communicate with them. Analytical and session recording services are used to better understand how merchants are using the App, and to improve the Service we provide.

Updates regarding the App and updates to the Policy

We may at times communicate updates on the App, and updates to this privacy policy.


We do not sell your information to third parties, nor do we share your information with third parties, unless specifically to provide you with support and functionality listed above.

Sharing with service providers

Some tools and services we use, such as live chat and session recording, requires that some information be shared with third parties. These third parties are authorized to use your information only to provide us with the ability to use their tools and services. These providers include Intercom, Amplitude, and Hotjar.

Violation of laws

If you violate any applicable laws, your information will be shared with the relevant authorities, and third parties involved in the handling of the violation.

Legal requirements

We will share your information with governmental or regulatory authorities if we are required to disclose this information.


If you have any questions regarding the Policy, you may contact us at