Here’s what you get – out of the box!

Without the need for customization, here are the main features you get with Givy

Gift Cards with Custom Amounts

Did you know Givy is the only app that allows you to sell gift cards with user-defined amounts without requiring Shopify draft orders? Simply enable this feature, and customers can choose to send a gift card for any amount – even if that’s $89.64 🙂

Gifting Modal on Any Product

By turning on the product gifting feature, the Givy modal will appear seamlessly on your existing product page, match your existing brand, and offer customers a smooth gifting flow.

Video Messaging, GIPHY images, and more

Sending a gift should be a special, personalized experience. Givy allows customers to add video messages, funny GIPHY gifs, and custom messages on their browser or using their phone.

Bulk Gift Card Campaigns

The best way to encourage past customers to order again is to send them a gift card! It’s much more impactful than discounts, and is sure to increase sales. Add a bit of urgency by setting the gift cards to expire, and watch those orders come in.

Want to send physical gift cards? Print them using one of our gift card partners, and upload codes to Givy to create hundreds of gift cards in minutes.


Multi-lingual Support

We understand that many stores are not in English, and others may want to let customers choose which language to use. Givy makes it easy to create a fully translated experience, including emails and redemption pages. We also support Shopify Markets with multiple languages!

Multi-Currency Support

If you sell in multiple countries, it’s great to give customers the chance to pay in their own currency. Givy is compatible with Shopify’s multi-currency, and lets customers pay in a currency that’s comfortable for them.